We're busy building an amazing new Catholic web and mobile resource just for you.

The OneFaith platform will bring 20 centuries of great Catholic source documents right to your fingertips.

It’s all built around three simple pillars:

Browse the contents of the OneFaith platform or use our custom built search engine to access thousands of resources, including multiple Bible translations, early church writings, conciliar documents, christian artwork, maps, and exclusive videos.
Copy any content from the database into a unique storyboard where you can resize, color-code, and arrange it to your liking. Imagine building a homily, apologetics tract, or lesson plan with images, videos, maps, and rich content from the Catholic scriptural and theological tradition that you can share with friends and family… or even your parish.
Share your storyboards far and wide, to get feedback and idea sharing. Copy other storyboards to branch off into your own ideas or even vote on one another’s thoughts. The whole system will be designed to facilitate the sharing of the Gospel so that every topic is addressed for any conceivable audience. And, of course, your familiar social media outlets will be there, too.
Get notified when we launch:
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